About Fiberpipe

When John and Michele Sanders founded the business in 1996, Fiberpipe was one of the first internet providers in Sheridan, Wyoming, connecting our small community and opening up a world of opportunity for communication and commerce. Fiberpipe brought the first high speed Internet to our community in 1999 with first-generation wireless access and partnered with Qwest for DSL in 2003. Fiberpipe is now on its fourth generation wireless product, offering high-speed wireless internet access to Sheridan and surrounding rural areas.

Being localy owned and operated, customer service is the top priority at Fiberpipe, from maintaining four different tower locations to ensure consistent coverage to helping customers with service and repairs at our Main Street storefront. When you call Fiberpipe, you’re not talking to a call center located hundreds or even thousands of miles away – you’re talking to a local member of your community offering world-class technical support.

Contact us today to find out how Fiberpipe can help you connect your world and grow your business!


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