High-Speed Wireless Internet

Fiberpipe’s leading service is wireless broadband for both residential and business customers. To install high-speed wireless internet, we mount a radio unit on the outside of your home or business and point it at a nearby tower. The tower and the radio send and receive your internet content via a secure connection. From the outside radio, we run a cable into your home and install a wireless router. This allows you to connect your wired and wireless devices to the internet.

Enjoy unlimited data and NO CONTRACTS! Click here to view our service coverage area.

Installation requires:

  • One-time, up-front equipment fee – $169.95
  • High-speed wireless router – $59.95
  • Professional installation – no charge
  • First-month service plan fee, prorated plus one month in advance.
  • A clear line of sight to the tower; coverage may be affected by trees or buildings blocking your view to the nearest tower
  • On-site survey – no charge

High-Speed Wireless Internet

Residential High-Speed Wireless Internet Plan


  • Unlimited data usage
  • 10 Mbps Download
  • 5 Mbps Upload

$ 59.95 per month

Business High-Speed Wireless Internet Plan


  • Unlimited data usage
  • 12 Mbps download
  • 5 Mbps upload
  • High bandwidth available – contact us for pricing and more information

$ 69.95 per month


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